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The core of Van Bommel Faunawerk consists of Frans van Bommel and Johan Thissen. In addition, Van Bommel Faunawerk often works together with other consultants conservation organisations in order to align the right expertise and capacity on demand.

Frans van Bommel

Van Bommel Faunawerk is founded by Frans van Bommel in 2008. Previously, he worked at various organisations in the field of ecological research, consultancy and nature, among other: BirdLife International and Alterra part of Wageningen University.

His expertise lies at the intersection of ecology and wildlife management. In recent years, Frans evaluated several wildlife management plans such as: the plans for the provinces Overijssel and Utrecht, and the Goose Management Plan for the Schiphol airport. He worked as research coordinator for the Dutch Faunafonds. At present he is out-resourced as an ecological consultant for the implementation of the Nature Conservation Act of the province of South Holland.

Key competencies:

Johan Thissen

Recently Johan Thissen has joined Van Bommel Faunawerk. He has worked with many organisations field of ecological research and conservation, including in two periods at the former Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. Johan has evaluated the provincial Wildlife Management Plans when working for the Mammal Society (Zoogdiervereniging) at a national level, and commissioned by the Dutch Faunafonds and the Provinces. He has a broad expertise in the field of mammals and birds. Editor of the scientific journal Lutra, two Dutch and one European mammal atlas. Author of 25 scientific and more than 30 popular science publications. Writes user-friendly, also for general public.

In a recent test resulted in the following competencies:

passionate, independence, perseverance, focus on results, persuasiveness, decisiveness and stress resistance.

And the following working values:

provide a meaningful and influential input, collaboration and task challenge.

Curriculum Vitae

The complete curriculum vitae of Frans van Bommel can be downloaded here.

The complete curriculum vitae of Johan Thissen can be downloaded here.