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Some of our current and past projects.

Juni 2017 - Wildlife Management Plan Noord-Brabant

The Province of Noord-Brabant has approved the Wildlife Management Plan Noord-Brabant 2017-2023, that has been drafted by Centrum voor Landbouw en Milieu (CLM) and Van Bommel FAUNAWERK . This project was commissioned by the Wildlife Management Unit of the province of Noord-Brabant.

Juni 2017 - Wildlife Management Plan Noord-Holland

The Wildlife Management Plan Noord-Holland 2017-2023 was adopted by the Wildlife Management Unit on the 1st of June 2017. The Management Plan has been drafted by Centrum voor Landbouw en Milieu (CLM) and Van Bommel FAUNAWERK . This project was commissioned by the Wildlife Management Unit of the province of Noord-Holland.

Mei 2017 - Monitoring tree bridges for squirrels

In 2016 Van Bommel FAUNAWERK facilitated the placement of two tree bridges for squirrels. Aim was to reduce the number of road kills. Subsequently the usage of the tree bridges was monitored for one year by Van Bommel FAUNAWERK in combination with Jasja Dekker Dierecologie. The results show that they soon found the bridge, but no squirrel has taken the full crossover so far. The time of habitation seems to be longer than expected.

March 2017 - Regional management plans for wild boar in the province of Noord Brabant

Van Bommel FAUNAWERK has completed three regional management plans to minimise damage to crops and to minimise the number of wild boar - car collisions. The management plans include the proposed regional approach to the wild boar problem. Commissioned by the province of Noord-Brabant.

February 2017 - Wildlife Management Plan Utrecht

The first part of the Wildlife Management Plan for the province of Utrecht has been issued. Due to the new Nature Conservation Act which came to force in January 2017, the existing management plans had to be updated. The Province of Utrecht has the first part of the Wildlife Management Plan, that has been drafted by Centrum voor Landbouw en Milieu (CLM) and Van Bommel FAUNAWERK , endorsed. This project was commissioned by the Wildlife Management Unit of the province of Utrecht.

January 2017 - Evaluation Goose Management Plan for Schiphol Airport

The air traffic safety at Schiphol is affected due to the number of geese crossing the flyways. In 1999 the first collision between geese and airplane occurred. Since 2005 the number of incidents has increased from year to year. This increase is mainly determined by the increase of the geese populations around Schiphol airport. The study's objective is to evaluate whether the agreed goose population reduction, as recorded in the Goose Management Plan 2013-2018, has been sufficiently achieved. Furthermore, it is evaluated whether an adjustment of the means and measures is necessary to achieve the set objectives.

January 2017 - Mitigation for roedeer-vehicle collisions

In a joint study with Alterra the first phase of the project The effectiveness of mitigation measures to reduce roedeer-vehicle collisions has been concluded. This included a literature review for possible mitigation measures to reduce collisions with roedeer in the Netherlands in terms of effectiveness and feasibility. This literature review, will be followed with a field experiment in due course.

December 2016 - Pilot the use of livestock guarding dogs in the Netherlands

At the moment there is insufficient knowledge and experience among Dutch farmers with livestock guarding dogs in order to prevent predation by wolves. This knowledge is essential at the moment when wolves frequently visit or settle in regions with abundant livestock. This pilot study focuses towards the use of guard dogs within the Dutch context. The pilot study is a joint cooperation between ARK Natuurontwikkeling and Van Bommel Faunawerk, and is commissioned by BIJ12.

October 2016 - Wildlife Damage Prevention Kits

In a joint production with design studio De Lynx and the Faunafonds consultants, Van Bommel Faunawerk the Wildlife Damage Prevention Kits for several bird and mammal species have been prepared.

These Wildlife Damage Prevention Kits are downloadable from the BIJ12 site

February 2016 - Advice towards the Dutch Board of Animal Affairs

De state secretary of Economic Affairs has asked the Board of Animal Affairs (RDA) for advice concerning animal welfare and ethical issues related with the usage of a number of catching and culling techniques. The Board of Animal Affairs has prepared their advice Verkorte zienswijze over tien hulp-, vang- en dodingsmiddelen van vogels: gevolgen dierenwelzijn en andere ethische aspecten. Hereby is external expertise consulted, a.o. ecologist Frans van Bommel (Van Bommel Faunawerk).

Link to advisory

December 2015 - Protecting Livestock from Wolves

In a joint study with ARK Natuurontwikkeling, Van Bommel Faunawerk has produced a literature review for effective and practical feasible measures to protect livestock against predation by wolves. Following the strong increase of wolves in especially Germany, it is to anticipated that the Netherlands will see more wandering wolves in the future. Simultaneously will this increase the risk of predation of livestock. Predation of livestock can greatly be reduced through the use of appropriate preventive measures. Experiences and research from other European countries shows that damage to livestock is more related to the deployment of preventive measures, than it is related to the density of wolves or livestock density. The use of electric fences, livestock guard dogs and keeping animals in the stable at night, prove to be the most effective measures. In the Netherlands, mainly sheep and goats to a lesser extent, young horses and cattle risk predation. This has resulted in the following studies:

Bommel, F. van, L. Linnartz & L. Floor, 2015. Effective and feasible measures to prevent predation of livestock by wolves. ARK Natuurontwikkeling and Van Bommel Faunawerk. Link to report

Floor, L., L. Linnartz & F. van Bommel, 2015. Feasibility study for the establishment of a mobile livestock guard dog team. ARK Natuurontwikkeling and Van Bommel Faunawerk. Link to report

Download the brochure Protecting Livestock from Wolves (In Dutch)

December 2015 - Monitoring the usage of fauna-passages

Van Bommel Faunawerk and Jasja Dekker Dierecologie have in a joint study, surveyed the use of fauna-passages or wildlife corridors within the municipality of Ede. Next to the monitoring of fauna-passages by infrared trail camera's, we identified bottlenecks for habitat defragmentation. The latter was derived by interviewing road authorities and land managers as well as analysing concentrations of wildlife-traffic collisions.

Watch the monitoring images on youtube

December 2015 - Book The Badger

Together with co-authors Stefan Vreugdenhil and Maurice La Haye of the Mammal Society did Frans van Bommel write a book about the badger. De Das, The Badger, forms part of a series of animal monographs.

The book attempts to describe the many facets of this captivating animal. The comeback of the badger has succeeded thanks to the Dutch conservation policies. Besides information on the ecology, natural history, threats and the fantastic comeback of population, a vision for the badger in the Netherlands is outlined. The whole is enriched by interviews with people who have been involved with the badger for years.

See description of the publisher KNNV

November 2015 - Report excursion Dämmerwald handling and management of wild boar

Commissioned by ARK Natuurontwikkeling, Van Bommel Faunawerk organised an excursion for a delegation of farmers, hunters and conservationists from the Dutch province Limburg to the Dämmerwald, a region in Germany with a similar situation as in the south of the Netherlands.

Bommel, F. van, & B. Houben, 2015. Verslag excursie Dämmerwald omgang en beheer van wilde zwijnen. ARK Natuurontwikkeling en Van Bommel Faunawerk. Link to report.