Ecological advice, fieldwork, outsourcing

Ecological advice


We can provide you with advice concerning wildlife management, habitat defragmentation and legislation. Also do we carry out research towards wildlife damage control and agri-environmental measures, conduct environmental impact assessments, and perform quick scans to survey the presence of protected flora and fauna on site.

Our services include, formulation of mitigating and compensating measures in spatial planning, advice concerning planning and management for facilitating wildlife species, and evaluation of the effects of regulations and policies.

In some instances it is inevitable to collect site specific information or verify field conditions in order to give appropriate advice, see also field work.

Van Bommel FAUNAWERK has a broad integrated scope and provides you with creative, effective and above all pragmatic advice.


In case of large or complex projects we collaborate with colleague agencies, such as:


ARK Natuurontwikkleing

Borgman Beheer

Centrum voor Landbouw en Milieu (CLM)

Jasja Dekker Dierecologie

Tabak Advies Ecologie


As a small consultancy we are flexible and if needed, we can collaborate with other experts to provide you as client, with the best advice in a cost-effective manner.

Furthermore, we are open to explore with your organisation the possibilities for a joined research or conservation project. From idea to project proposal and fundraising to project implementation.

For whom?

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